Montreal Alouettes Foundation

The Montreal Alouettes Foundation was created through the initiative of former President Mark Weightman based upon the constant desire of the organization to reinforce its presence in the community.

Since the team’s return to Montreal in 1996, the Alouettes have been involved with youth by supporting several programs to fight the school dropout rate. These efforts are continuing and are intensifying with the creation of the Alouettes Foundation to be headed by Annie Larouche who has been with the organization since 1996, and has held several positions within the club as well as managing all aspects of the Montreal Alouettes cheerleaders. Active in the community, she is also involved in the Alouettes Alumni Association by coordinating its activities.

The Alouettes Foundation’s mission is to promote and support school perseverance, and to fight against drop-out.

Driven by a true commitment to positively influence youths academic path, the Alouettes Foundation facilitates accessibility to extracurricular sports.

The Alouettes Foundation maximises its impact by elaborating customized solutions to the needs and realities of students in different schools and different environements, taking into consideration numerous factors related to extracurricular sports accessibility.

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